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click to zoomGamma Stealth written by Fatacy Luck: Space with Super-Symmetry and Absolute-Rationality; Amazon eBook Kindleairi-suzukianais-pouliotayami-nakazyocamille-roweestella-warrenharuka-ayaseirina-shayknicola-peltzfrida-gustavssonteresa-palmerayaka-miyoshimiley-cyrusmaria-sharapovaerika-sawajirinoa-mizutanitsukasa-aoikanna-hashimoto10 Things 
Your Dad 
Never Told You
Galaxy Rotation 
mirei-kiritaniamber-heardkristen-stewartyua-shinkawaalisa-basyukChinami Suzuki 鈴木 ちなみNina Dobrev RESPONSIVE Adobe Edge Reflow sampleUS Navy Osprey V-22F35  Lightning HoverF22 Raptor Sonic Boom StealthCVN-77 Bush Ocean BaseSukhoi PAK FA T50 StealthTyrannosaurus Super RexThat there is no humanity gravitational wave 
in such a mean would I can understandこのようなわけで人類型重力波は存在しないことを
ご理解いただけましたでしょうかAurora and Sprite lightning  - fatacy  Feb, 2015 
300,000Km/s = The Limit speed of DNA synchronized  proteinNoah's Ark Synchronized Protein 
= Titom 4D Tornado within Time Type 1The Time Relativity on TitomAurora and Sprite lightning  - fatacy  Feb, 2015      Japanese  日本語
300,000Km/s = 人類の同期タンパク質が瞬間を連結する限界の速度Yui Aragaki 新垣結衣Cecil Kishimoto 岸本セシルErika Toda 戸田恵梨香daniela-hantuchovaGemma Atkinson cheerMarilyn Monroe Memorial RESPONSIVE free talking about galaxy by fatacy Dec7,2014Gluon Network & Quantum teleportation グル―オンネットワークと量子テレポーテーション  Tuned  for  iPhone5Google+ Milky Way Ring Map Fatacy:Fatacy's cat

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Titom theory Klein bottleBullying spiral イジメのスパイラルティトム球理論 降着円盤 銀河のジェット Titom theoryIeyasu Tokugawa who influenced Japan's Edo period 人権とローカリズムの環境上の衝突 家康爺 の人生を通してNorthern SeaAlexis BledelNanami SakurabaLegendary Marilyn videoF22 RaptorNozomi Sasaki MomloveuTitom Fortune Teller by FatacyThe theory of TitomDark-Matter Dark-Energy FiguresAi MiyazatoAino KishiPet's Funny lovely Video most viewed in youtubeTornado Impact video in youtubeFree Erika Sawajiri Back AgainAoi TsukasaAi KatohAiri NakajimaKazuki AsoMaki GotohNanaoAya UetoAi TakabeAki Hoshino Japanese DollAkiko YadaAkina MinamiAndahAoi MiyazakiArisa UrahamaB2 SPIRITSaayaAngela BabyAnna BessonovaZhou WeitongCandice SwanepoelDakota FanningEmmy RossumGiorgia PalmasHayden PanettiereJennifer HawkinsLily ColeLindsay MarieMiranda KerrPaddock GirlsSurvived SharapovaYna Kim vs. Mao AsakaZoe DuchesneBeckii Cruel KawaiiJapanese Speedskate Uniform Vancouver 2010Haruka AyaseChika TohnoMamani OkuXia  Xiao  WeiGuo Jing JingHiroko KamataNao YoshizakiMao MiyajiMoe KirimuraSakura SatoMidori YamasakiHaruna KojimaErika MoriMisaki MoriAkiko Seo premiumRika AoyamaMiyu OriyamaHanako TakigawaAsami TadaJun HasegawaAyumi ToumaAya FujimotoChisato HukushimaAya  Hirano  Tune  HaruhiHikari MitsushimaAya KiguchiNoriko KijimaPower Harassment Hankyu Unfair Labor suppressionKristen StewartA-shape J-GalSite Map momloveuMeari MatsuyamaMizuho NishimuraMomoko Komachi 2Mayu MitsuiKiira KorpiRina RukawaKeiko OhnoRie SakuraSumire AidaReimi TachibanaSaori HaraNeha SharmaTing ZiMiyu HoshinoYua SaitoIm Ji HyeSee Through GoggleEye MaskKayleen FranklinMomoko KomachiMami YamasakiRen Jia RuiNao NagasawaSeiko AndoAyano WashizuNatsuko TatsumiIrina ShaykBlack Objects on SkinYellow Bikini SubmarineAyaka NodaLinn KarterShiori AyaseSerinaChiaki KyanHiroko SatoRisa YoshikiMinami OotsukaReona SuzukiHana HarunaHaruka OguraMinase YashiroKiyonoMami NagaokaMiku NakamuraJing TianMiyuki YokoyamaRen Hou MinisterRika SatoAyaka SayamaBooBee J-puddingsKaori NakamuraSora Aoi rao-shenCarla OssaAnne VyalitsynaRuru  Lin  林葦茹  ルル・リンYuria  Takenouchi  竹之内ゆりあY-code J-ladyAdriana LimaAino Kishi kissAkiho YoshizawaAkiko SeoMicro BikiniKim Tae HeeStock ChartWaka InoueHaruna MamatsuboT's Jungle ThongCR-Z HondaSuzuka IshikawaHina Kurumi  くるみひなHaruka Itoh 伊東 遙阪急不動産の評判は? ジオからジオへ Power Harassment Hankyu Real EstateKnut foreverMisaki ItouMichiko KichiseMicro Bikini 2Seiko Andoh 2Estella WarrenChinami  Suzuki  鈴木ちなみHonda Jet  Blue  Flame  ホンダジェット 受注残250機wellcome momloveuKaho  Takashima  officially released in Japan at great prices. Safe packaging and fast worldwide delivery (高嶋香帆) 
Site Map momloveuManami Marutaka   she got that Tomochin of AKB48 kinda head, she lookin REAL HOT this month in: []     (丸高愛実) 
Noa  Mizutani    EVANGELION RACING RACE QUEEN    (水谷望愛) 
Shazahn Padamsee   walked the catwalk at Blenders Pride fashion tour in a pretty pink Mandira Virk dress. With side swept hair and a glittery hair band, she looked like a princess. See more photos   (シャザーン・パダンセ) RQ-4 Global Hawk    is a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) in service with the US Armed Forces.The UAV is remote controlled, meaning that the pilot could very well be miles away from the craft as so to reduce the risk of capture in the event
  (RQ-4 グローバルホーク) 
Nana Ogura   is very cute Japanese adult model JAV running on the beach  (小倉 奈々) 
Saki Yamaguchi   Appeared in the calendar app is a big success as a popular idol    (山口沙紀) 
Nanao 2   attend the 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Japan Premiere at Tokyo International Forum on January 30, 2012
 (奈々緒 2) 
Dragonfly   is in Europe. They frequently fly high up into the sky in search of prey, which includes butterflies, Four-spotted Chasers and tadpoles; small prey is eaten while flying. The females lay the eggs into plants such as pondweed, and always lay alone.   (トンボ) 
lucky luck and fortuneYuriko  Shiratori   eternal  queen  (白鳥 百合子) 
Ruriko  Kojima  boobee  (小島瑠璃子)
Ai  Shinozaki  Kawabee (篠崎愛)
ZARD  Izumi  Sakai  Indelible  memories 坂井泉水 消せない思い出F-35 Lightning UDakar rally   is known as the most arduous and notorious rally on the planet and is considered to be one of the worlds top 5 adventures. No single event is like the previous but there are a few things that are certain – excitement, danger and the unexpected    (ダカール・ラリー) 
Tyrannosaurus  was a bipedal carnivore with a massive skull balanced by a long, heavy tail. Relative to the large and powerful hindlimbs   (T・レックス) 
Blue diamond   A few words about Irradiated Diamonds 
NEXTAGE,  developed by Kawada Industries, is a human shaped robot designed to work alongside people  (人型ロボット人の隣で) 
Triendl Reina and three other models wore lingerie while attending the advertisement press conference for bra company “Triumph”    (トリンドル玲奈) 
Risa  Tachibana   is (ex-AKB48 trainee) to join SOD with AV debut coming soon. Her stage name at Takamatsu Eri in akb48 and Risa Tachibana is her new name under SOD Team (橘梨紗)
YikeBike  is a must-see for city dwellers: it’s a 22 lb electric bicycle that folds up, tops out at 12.5 mph and goes up to 6 miles   (ヤイクバイク) 
Gemma Atkinson  to you, and it'd probably sound a little something like this. Gemma is part actress, part 'personality' and quite a large chunk 'model'
Misaki  Momose   in green bikini  is a Japanese actress and talent who specializes in action  (桃瀬美咲) Mikie  Hara  2nd   whom I have featured a couple of times for weekend gravure feature. Mikie is one of the leading gravure models   (原幹恵 2) 
Tea  Cup  Poodle  belongs to the show-business  'Metal   Tea  Cups'   (プードル物語) 
JS Hyūga, DDH-181  Japanese  Battleship:   A Marine MV-22 Osprey aircraft lands on the Japanese destroyer JS Hyuga Friday, June 14, 2013, in coastal waters off San Diego. The aircraft made an unprecedented landing on   (ヘリ空母 護衛艦 ひゅうが) 
Mirei  Kiritani :  non-no TV JAPANESE GIRLS' FASHION magazine ACTRESS  (桐谷美玲) 
Swallow  Falls State Park has re-opened after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy with limited access to the falls.  (つばめ ひな キャイー) US-2   was to force the Pacific Ocean crossing to talk about US-2 of the Maritime Self-Defense Force was rescued Shin Bo Jiro is great though it is typhoon convenient engine one shot stop of NTV 24-hour television thanks to the Self-Defense Forces high Donnet track record in making a safe return in India delivery has been studied  (US-2 飛行艇)Leoai  ShangZhen  is a supermodel in china.She was born in ChongQing city and 22 years old now, heigh is 180cm   (艾尚真  あいしょうしん アバター) 
Imagine  Imagination  Nikon  COOLPIX  D800   36.3MP CMOS sensor   (ニコン・D800) 
Kyoko Hinami 日南響子 Boys be SpeculativeNatsumi  Kamata  ver.2   full  of  woman  view  Whatever  she  wants  
Masami TaniRina Kato 秋葉原NEXで3次元,AV界の佐々木希こと加藤リナ(20)が最高に可愛い件ISS  International Space Station    The ISS programme is a joint project between five participating space agencies: NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency, JAXA, ESA, and CSA
TOKYO SKYTREE	is expected to soar 2003 feet (610 meters) into the sky over Japan's capitol city by late 2011, making it the nation's tallest man-made structure and, at least for a time, the world's.	  (東京スカイツリー) 
Makoto OkunakaAkashikaikyo Bridge    is with a length of almost four kilometers the world's longest suspension bridge   (明石海峡大橋) 
Yurika  Tachibana    a gravure idol and also third generation member of the Japanese pop group Idoling!!!.   (橘ゆりか) Highleg  Highleglution  90’  Japan  Race  Queens  (ハイレグ)
LCS US NavyYu HasebeEmperor  Penguin  Antarctica  The only penguin species that breeds during the Antarctic winter   (皇帝ペンギン) X-37B Boeing Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV) has successfully completed, according to Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne officials
  (無人宇宙衛星 ボーイング X-37B ) 
Doutzen CroesSeikan Tunnel under Canal 140mYua  Shinkawa   is showing off her beauty in a dreamy new pictorial for the latest issue of Weekly Playboy  (新川優愛) Shizuka Nakamura  BooBee  J-puddings  Kawaii  peach-pai     (中村静香)
Yuki  Asakura   performed the event which commemorated sale of DVD "delusion shortcut" at the Sofmap amusement hall in Akihabara, Tokyo   (浅倉 結希) 
Sun X-rayNanami TempNASA's Mars  Curiosity's parts are similar to what a human would need to explore Mars (body, brains, eyes, arm, legs, etc.). Check it out though    (キュリオシティ) 
Ferrari is probably one of the most popular car brands in the world and want. Founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, the signing of the "Prancing Horse" has not ceased to increase his prestige and exclusivity during the more than eighty years of history (フェラーリ) 
Azusa OkamotoYumi KobayashiNozomi Asou   shot in what SOD calls "Jealousy Vision", by hiding the camera to capture the most authentic action you've ever seen in JAV   (麻生希) 
Kate Upton  proved on Thursday as she stalked through Los Angeles airport, make-up free and hiding under her hat
Aegis frigate   イージス艦  Beluga BubblesCERN LHC DawnLily James British  athlete   Yes, they were both popular; James was a star athlete while Lily was the school beauty, but both of their characters were defined by qualities that ran so much deeper, that permeated their very hearts, and that made them true  (リリー・ジェームズ 陸上選手で美zん)
Agnes LumMoga  Mogami   will play in the short drama Kaisoku Shoujo (怪速少女). The drama will be aired on NHK from October 6  (最上もが)Panda  Lovely : live in broadleaf and coniferous forests with a dense understory of bamboo, at elevations between 5000 and 10000 feet   (パンダ) 
Airi  Suzuki   cuty  Offensive  for  men    (鈴木愛理 まさに芸術) 
F-22  fighter  Sonic BoomF-22  fighter  Sonic BoomB-2  stealth  bomberAnne Nakamura Healing  Angel  中村アン  Tuned  for  iPhone5Airi Suzuki Cutie  Maxim   鈴木愛理 Tuned  for  iPhone5Risa Yoshiki
Eurofighter  Typhoon  Tuned  for  iPhoneSukhoi  SU-35  fighter  CCCP  Tuned  for  iPhone5MRJ  Prototype  will  soon  Tuned  for  iPhone5Akiko Seo Calligraphy  teacher  瀬尾秋子  Tuned  for  iPhone5Photo-Joy Portal-ip5  by fatacy  Tuned for iPhone5ROLA twingle lens ローラAnna  Konno Apricot South 今野杏南Teresa Palmer Adelaide born  テリーサ・パーマー  Tuned  for  iPhone5Emily  DiDonato Washingtonville  1991emily-didonato photo-joy.commii-airi-uniform photo-joy.comOsprey v-22 オスプレイSaki Tachibana  立花サキ 初音ミク 2011-2012 photo-joy.comaya-omasamomloveu hitomi-furusakikeeleyhazellbrilliant photo-joy.comsasakinozomikawaii photo-joy.comEmma Stone  She seems like the most level headed starlet I've seen in a long time. Always dressed, no crotch shots or drunken falls   (エマ・ストーン) apache-ah-64 Longbow  戦闘用ヘリコプター アパッチsuzuka-ishikawa photo-joy.comayaka-sayama-2 photo-joy.competra nemcova czech blogspot.comDassault  nEUROn    nozomi kawasaki visual photo-joy.comvfr1200 fhonda dual clutch .photo-joy.comhubble-shuttlevideo-volcano-in youtube.blogspot.commomloveu beach-zukanSARAH   I don't have much to say about her, since she hasn't been around long or done anything interesting, other than she's half Brazilian. By the way, I noticed we have a lot of female Asian
Natsuna  is a Japanese actress and former model. When she graduated from high-school she decided to focus her career entirely on acting  (夏菜) nymph-photo-in youtube.blogspot.commai oshima lovely lips .photo-joy.comana beatriz barros model photo-joy.comThe tourist boats Himiko and Hotaluna that tour Asakusa and other famous sites in Tokyo every day are designed to look like sleek spacecraft that would not be out of place in a Star Wars movie.  (ヒミコ & ホタルナ) 
girls-generation-korea photo-joy.comUS-2   was to force the Pacific Ocean crossing to talk about US-2 of the Maritime Self-Defense Force was rescued Shin Bo Jiro is great though it is typhoon convenient engine one shot stop of NTV 24-hour television thanks to the Self-Defense Forces high Donnet track record in making a safe return in India delivery has been studied  (US-2 飛行艇)Mitsumi  Hiromura  Photogenic  広村美つ美  Tuned  for  iPhone5Dual Torus magnetic repel Titom theoryKasumi  Arimura  amachan 有村架純 Tuned  for  iPhone5 HOMETomoe Yamanaka fluent JK 山中知恵  Tuned  for  iPhone5 HOMEBeryllium Master 9Be since 8Be  ベリリウム変遷  Tuned  for  iPhone5Nina Dobrev singer song actress  Tuned  for  iPhone5Kristina Akheeva Russian-Australian model, who works in India クリスチナ・アキーバIrina Shayk chummy i@hone イリナ・シェイク  Tuned  for  iPhone5Han Zixuan hipbase 韓子萱 ハン・ズーシュエン Tuned  for  iPhone5Saki  Yamaguchi  Paneler 山口沙紀 Tuned  for  iPhone5F35B hovering Atmosphere  Tuned  for  iPhone5Chikyu digging new Frontier 掘削船 ちきゅう Tuned  for  iPhone5ISS new space environment 若田船長 Tuned  for  iPhone5SSN-783 Minnesota 原子力潜水艦・ミネソタ Tuned  for  iPhone5CVN-77-Bush stealth 原子力空母 Tuned  for  iPhone5H2B Kohnotori robot arm こうのとり Tuned  for  iPhone5Mirei Kiritani smile makes you happy 桐谷美玲 Tuned  for  iPhone5Frida Gustavasson be freedom フリーダ・グスタフソン Tuned  for  iPhone5Super Titom + Jet  スーパーティトムKeiko Fuji 藤圭子への弔辞 と安倍晋三 fatacy's tears Tuned  for  iPhone5Mai Hakase hakamai cuute 葉加瀬マイ Tuned  for  iPhone5Nami Iwasaki 96 kamonami 岩崎名美 Tuned  for  iPhone5Serina ip5 teach schoolgirl 芹那・セリナ  Tuned  for  iPhone5Linear L-zero 500Km/h Japan RailAmber Heard awesome actress アンバー・ハード Tuned  for  iPhone5Shinji Kagawa best united 26 香川真司 絶対応援 Tuned  for  iPhone5Supercell and Tornado disaster 竜巻・ス−パ−セル  Tuned  for  iPhone5Nicola Peltz 'Bates Motel' Psycho ニコラ・ペルツ Tuned  for  iPhone5Gear Note3 Note10.1 Samsung ギア・ノート3 Tuned  for  iPhone5Haruka Shimazaki AKB48 Aqua Memory 島崎遥香 Tuned  for  iPhone5Britany Nola BUSH back ブリタニー・ノラ Tuned  for  iPhone5Adrianne Palicki cucumber エイドリアンヌ・パリッキ Tuned  for  iPhone5Tori Praver sun-soaked day トリ・プレイバー Tuned  for  iPhone5Xenia Tchoumitcheva JPMorgan Chase ゼニア・チョーミチェバ Tuned  for  iPhone5Kaho Takashima proportional genic 高嶋香帆 Tuned  for  iPhone5Shanvi cutiest India Punjabi シャンビ Tuned  for  iPhone5Apple Event iPhone5s-5c with charity アイフォン5s Tuned  for  iPhone5Sony Xperia™ Z1 premium smartphone ソニー・エクスペリアZ1 Tuned  for  iPhone5Porsche 918 spyder kWh/100 km 13,0-12,5 ポルシェ・918 スパイダー Tuned  for  iPhone5Fit 3 Honda HV with female dtr. ホンダ・フィット3 Tuned  for  iPhone5Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50°アベンタドール  Tuned  for  iPhone5Hanzawa Naoki Logic of Revenge 注意喚起 半沢直樹 不毛な復讐の論理の拡散 Tuned  for  iPhone5ザ・相続 生前贈与・相続・遺贈、そして税金  Tuned  for  iPhone5Izumo Taisha Shrine Shinto Japan 出雲大社 大遷宮 Tuned  for  iPhone5Izumo DDH-183 helicopter carrier 護衛艦・いずも  Tuned  for  iPhone511th Dimension Superstring theory 超弦理論の11次元  Tuned  for  iPhone5Mikiho Niwa space craft Goseiger にわ みきほ Tuned  for  iPhone5Izumo DDH-183 helicopter carrier 護衛艦・いずも  Tuned  for  iPhone5Yua Saito kneeling in a cat back pose 齊藤夢愛 Tuned  for  iPhone5Natsuki Ikeda well organized to ・・ 池田夏希 Tuned  for  iPhone5Kate Upton ButtonAiri Jijima iP5Valeria Lukyanova Space Human Barbie ヴァレリア・ルカノワ Tuned  for  iPhone5Sukhoi PAK FA T50 stealth Russian  Tuned  for  iPhone5Kristen Stewart Bella Swan クリステン Tuned  for  iPhone5Higgs Mechanism and Fatacy's Dual Torus: I'd try to explain how did they push grabity to every matter デュアル・トーラス Tuned  for  iPhone5Gibson Les Paul Model with Epiphone レスポール Tuned  for  iPhone5Parallel Tetra Membrane theory M-理論とパラレル・メンブレン Tuned  for  iPhone5Gamma Stealth bloggerpeach-pai .digiweb camel-toeTitom Seminar in Fukushima Pref. "Space to assemble in the Gamma ray"Northern SeaGluon Network & Quantum teleportation グル―オンネットワークと量子テレポーテーション  Tuned  for  iPhone5Gamma Stealth written by Fatacy Luck: Space with Super-Symmetry and Absolute-Rationality; Amazon eBook KindleTitom Yearly Journal10 Things 
Your Dad 
Never Told You
Galaxy Rotation 
free talking about galaxy by fatacy Dec7,2014Google+ Milky Way Ring Map Fatacy:Universe time 100 Axioms  by Fatacy LuckOsprey V-22Atom chart described inside formi surface, Dual Torus.F35B hovering Atmosphere  Tuned  for  iPhone5Boston Dynamics will be back WildCat Tuned  for  iPhone5Milky Way Noah's Ark Synchronized ProteinAyaka Miyoshi